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Opinions are formed in the first few seconds.

During that time nothing has a greater impact than the appearance of your marketing materials. You may have the best products in the world or offer amazing customer service, but unless you can present an image of a top notch organization, you may never have the opportunity to prove it.

Leinbach Design understands that great design is about communication.

Brand and Identity

Do all your forms of communication match and convey your image? Let us help you communicate a message that fits your organization and create custom marketing pieces to communicate that message.

Graphic Design & Print

We can help you create the look you need. Whether you just need a quick and inexpensive business card, a tri-fold brochure, t-shirts to promote your organization or you need catalogs for a whole product line.

Web Design

Responsive web design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). If you need a new look for your current site, or you don’t have a website let us help you. We can help you figure out exactly what you need.

Rely on Leinbach Design’s 25+ years of experience to take care of your next project. Our clients include businesses, schools, non profit organizations, civic organizations and churches.


Rely on Leinbach Design’s experience to take care of your next design and printing project.

Printing Services

Print marketing still plays an important role in your marketing plan. 

We appreciate and understand the ongoing value of printed materials and know it is still an important part of any marketing mix. We don't expect you to understand the multitude of factors needed to create successful print. We'll help you define what you want and propose the options to make it work.

Print marketing still plays an important role in your marketing plan. It takes many forms, including:

     Business Cards
     Promotional Fliers
     Presentation Folders
     and other items.

The best way print marketing can work for you is as a tool that informs and drives potential customers to your website.  You cannot hand a copy of your website to every person you meet.  During trade shows, conferences, conventions, and other face-to-face interactions or solicitations, paper materials are the primary way to distribute information.

You should carry print marketing materials with you everywhere you go; you never know when you will meet someone who may be interested in your products or services. Everyone you meet should walk away with your print marketing materials containing information about your organization, what you can do for them, and an invitation to visit your website.

We can integrate your print projects with other channels to maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Web Design

Your website is often a potential customer’s first impression of your business. Make it count.
Get your information out 24 hours a day- 7 days a week.
A responsive website works on desktops, tablets, and phones.


A fast user friendly website is important.

Let Leinbach Design create a professional website that fits you and your budget.

Contact Leinbach Design to take care of your next project.

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